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Do you have a retail store I can come to?

Not at this time. In fact, I am only selling here at my online shop.


Can you make the same outfit in different colors?

Perhaps.  Why don't you contact me with details on what in particular you are looking for.  Ultimately, it depends on what I have available for materials.

To give you the most choices possible, I also have doll accessories and furnishings as well as additional clothing choices available from other manufacturers. Please visit my physical location to view these pieces.


Can I wash these pieces of clothing?

Hand washing is recommended for optimum care of the garmets.  Machine washing is ok, but may cause damage to the delicate work.  I recommend laying flat to dry.


Can I return something if I don't like it?

All sales are final due to the low cost of each item.  

No returns or exchanges please.


How do I know if this will fit my doll?

All outfits are designed to fit a standard 18" doll, similar to that of the American Girl Doll size, but may also fit Chatty Cathy dolls.  

If you are still unsure, you can email me your dolls specific measurements and I will let you know if the outfit is sized for your doll.  

Please send these measurements:

  • Upper Arm: measurement around the arm.

  • Wrist: measurement around.

  • Arm: length from shoulder to wrist.

  • Chest: around under the arm.

  • Waist: around

  • Length of Chest: from shoulder to waist.

  • Hips:  measurement around buttocks.

  • Leg: measurement from floor to waist.

  • Neck: measurement around neck, close to shoulder.


Can I order something that is "On Backorder" or out of stock?

Typically, yes if the materials are still available. 

Refer to question 2 above.

Please keep in mind, no two items will be the same; however,  I do my best to replicate items.

Backordered pieces will not match identically to the item depicted in the photos.


What does "Insufficient Stock" mean?

I apologize for this.  You are trying to order an item that I had in stock but has since sold and has not yet been placed on backorder.  I keep the item on display in case another customer (like you) wants the same piece.  I can sometimes remake almost any item in my store.  All I would need you to do is  Contact Me  with the item name and description, and even the link to the specific item if you can, and I will begin making it for you.  Keep in mind, since the item is not in stock, it may take me several weeks to complete the request, and even then, this is only if I still have the material necessary to replicate the item.


How do I contact you with a question?

Please feel free to reach me through my Contact page, where you can either send me a message or find my email address to send me an email message.

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